An open lesson on the subject of physics

Today the second of June there was an open lesson on the subject of physics on the theme “Geometricoptics. Interference of light. Light diffraction.teacher is Anzura Bakhramova.

In order to have an interesting and high mood in the open, the coach divided the students of 16-20 groups into two teams: “Archimedes” and “Einstein”. 

The open lesson groups began with quick questions and answers that were prepared for each other, and the topics covered were repeated over and over again. Then the teacher gave the students all the information on the new topic with the help of radio, slides and other information.

Unusually, the teams competed in many conditions. At the end of the lesson, the student Turdiyeva Sabina recited the poem “Uzbek”. 

The students and the members of the winning team were evaluated by the teacher.

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